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Supporting Adult Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse

My life became a self fulfilling prophesy of self hatred, , self loathing and worthlessness.

I was subconsciously rejecting all that I now know I am worth, value, meaning, hope  and love.

Adapted from the book…

“The brain is a powerful muscle. If we exercise it with wrong thoughts that’s how it learns to function. Our thinking affects our behaviour so we decline the invitation to the social event. We don’t bother going for the job interview.

Instead by giving ourselves new and positive messages we can choose to realise that we are wanted at the party and that we are equal to the employer.

If we don’t get the job or party invite it no longer matters because our self worth is no longer based on how others see us.

I no longer need others to define me, who I am or what my purpose is”.


Please be aware that there may be elements of this story that may trigger the recall of traumatic events for you. If this applies to you I advise you to seek therapy before or during reading.

Anthea opens boxes of her new book with Marnie, her ghost writer at the launch party to promote her charity.

The books are £10 each and can be obtained by contacting us at Restore the Years. (Click here)